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We have courses for each stage of your business designed by women with successful businesses whilst living abroad.  

Have a read through our courses and see the next launch days for our courses.  We have new business and professional development courses starting all the time. 


Business Map - our 20 week signature program

We are all experts at the core of our businesses but knowing how to run a business is not something we are often taught at school or university.  Our signature course, takes you through the fundamentals of finances, tracking, building your audience, message, launching and so much more. It is everything you to feel confident, supported and in control of your own destiny. 


Creating your Pathway to Profit

There are many reasons why adding additional low and medium effort income (LMEI) streams to your existing business is a good idea.  It allows you to reach more clients at a more cost effective price point and work less after the initial set up.  There are many different ways you can implement LMEI income streams - Masterclasses, Ebooks, longer courses, membership or subscription services. Our course takes you through identifying what will work for your business, planning, content, tech, launching and constant support. Click to find out more about our next course. 

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About Us

We are here to help all women with businesses abroad to thrive by having the most up to date information on finance, social media, marketing, networking and best business practices.  Having a community around you can make all the differences!

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