Turning your passion into purpose for profit 

We know how challenging starting a business abroad can be which is why we created the IWBB: Vault and the IWBB Facebook Community. 


We want to share our experiences with as many women as possible, so you have a place to get reliable information, support and feel you have a partner on this wild ride! 


We have prepared 3 wonderful resources for you to use in your business or to guide you if you are in the set up phase.  

They cover:

  • Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Working with an accountants abroad
  • Tracking and analysing your current processes and so much more. 

IWBB: Vault

We called our membership program the Vault because that is where you store your most precious things.  In our Vault, you will find the knowledge, mentorship, friendship and accountability to ensure you and your business reaches it's full potential without sacrificing your health or  your personal & family life.  

IWBB: Courses

We run a range of courses especially designed by women who have successful businesses abroad.  They are all practical and aimed at helping you take those next steps whether that is to start your business, scale or create new revenue streams.  

Have a look at what courses we have coming up.

IWBB: Facebook Community

Our Facebook Group is the heart and soul of our community.  You will find other women who live abroad who are starting and scaling their businesses.  It is the place to network, get feedback, have your questions answered and feel part of something bigger.  Being a solopreneur can be a lonely road but it doesn't need to be with our wonderfully welcoming group.  

"IWBB has been an invaluable community as a female entrepreneur. They do an amazing job of engaging the community and offering really helpful challenges, accountability groups, and mentor lunches to name a few. It's also my favorite place for finding people to help me with my business-related queries". Char Tamason Health By Intuition."

"This is an incredibly supportive group. When I moved to Madrid I had no idea how I'd get my business going in Spain without knowing anyone or how things worked – especially having been used to setting up businesses in the UK. Meeting the women in the group has been not just useful in a practical sense but also inspiring and fun (I've met some great friends here as well as business colleagues and clients). The network is run consistently well and is a reliable source of support for women in business". The Coach Space"

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About Us

We are here to help all women with businesses abroad to thrive by having the most up to date information on finance, social media, marketing, networking and best business practices.  Having a community around you can make all the differences!

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