​IWBB: Business Map #5

19 OCTOBER 2021


20 Weeks of Knowledge, Support and Accountability from just 118€ a month

No one teaches us the business skills of running a business!  We know you are amazing at your passion, so let us help you to create the foundations to build a successful and profitable business.

This course is right for you if you resonate with what we have to say: 

  • Time  there isn't enough of it and you don't know where to start with the time you do have. 

    We have all paid for courses then done nothing with them. That is why accountability and a fair amount of ass kicking is built in.  We will give you clear actions and support and guide you to ensure you get it done. 

  • Marketing and Social Media - there are so many platforms to use and only so many hours in a day, it feels overwhelming. 

    We work out together the best two platforms for you to use, put together a strategy and learn skills to manage your time for maximum impact. 

  • Strategy ummm...

    It is hard to put a strategy and business plan in place when you are fighting fires every day. A business plan is really a plan for success and you will finish the course with a plan and strategy that means you always know where you are going and why


  • Your value  - you don't know what to charge or you are not making enough for the value you give.

    Money mindset is a key area we work on throughout the course so you gain confidence to charge what you are truly worth. We discover and build new revenue streams to ensure you reach your financial goals whilst keeping balance in your life.  You will never again say the words, "I just want to make enough..." 

  • Selling  -  you get heart palpitations even thinking about selling! 

    Social media and marketing are not sales!  We spend hours on our social media but not on the actions we need to make sales. That is all about to change as we focus on the actions we need to take to make sales and increase the profitability of your business. 

  • Support - it sometimes feels like your friends and family just don't get how hard it is

    Running your own business can be lonely and hard. Now you have your posse and we have your back. Working with a group of women who are struggling with the same issues will supercharge your confidence and empower you to forge ahead in your business.

The course with Natasha was the nudge I needed to stay committed to my business. As a solopreneur, it can be really easy to let things slide and put things off for tomorrow. The weekly meetings and topics really kept me on track to building the foundation of my business. The course gave me so many tools and resources that I am still using today. Natasha is a joy to work with. She is very authentic and honest. She doesn't waste time and gives the feedback we need to hear for our business to grow. I am so grateful to her and all the outside experts that came in to share their wisdom. The other members of the course were also very encouraging and supportive. It was inspiring to see everyone implement the course in their own way. Natasha and the course give us everything we need to stop making excuses and get to work.


Website: denisesuarez.com

Facebook: facebook.com/denisesuarezconcarino


Denise Suarez, Parenting Coach

How our course works

  • Training Modules

    All our training sessions are delivered live through our Zoom room every other Tuesday from 11.30-13.00 CET. All the sessions are recorded so you can go back to them time and time again.  As well as training sessions with Natasha and Clodagh, the course brings in experts to talk about content, social media, mindset and much more. 

  • Group Mentoring and Accountability

    Every other week we meet in small groups on Zoom to talk about where you are up to, to answer questions and to give the support and encouragement you need to make this journey a success. You will be matched with people at a similar stage of business, so you are constantly learning from each other. We have both morning and evening groups for flexibility. 

  • The Facebook Group

    This is where you can get day-to-day support, post your questions and get feedback about decisions, work you have completed, content and anything you have designed.  It also houses all the videos and workbooks so you can refer back to it with no extra logins or hassle. 



See what the wonderful women from previous IWBB: Business Map courses have to say. 

Why Do This Course with Us?  

We have been friends and supported each other in our professional careers since we met in the late 90s whilst studying for our Law Degrees at UCL. Some things just go together, like wine and chocolate, cava and chocolate, chocolate and snuggling on the sofa...I think we may have got distracted but the point is we are a great combo. Clodagh is detail, long-term strategy and makes decisions after research and planning. Natasha is big picture, pushing boundaries and makes decisions on instinct. Neither are perfect on their own but together they are a winning formula.

We have both set up successful businesses in Spain, Clodagh (B2B) and Natasha (B2C). Our jobs are not being business mentors and coaches, we are business mentors because we have walked that path, built, struggled, failed, succeeded and can apply our real life experiences to every element that we teach.  Every single bit has been tried and tested throughout our professional careers.  

We also know how important a partnership is and, whilst we have our own amazing partners in our separate companies, we have supported each other throughout this amazing journey in Spain. 

We bring our unique styles to the table every session and know when one of us needs to take the lead and for the other to step back. We also know that not all our clients are the same, so sometimes you need the calm of Clodagh and some times you need a kick up the bum courtesy of Natasha. 

The most important thing is that we care. We care that you make money. We care that you are valued for your unique talents. We care that you have a life that is balanced and joyful.  We will work relentlessly for and with you until we have helped you achieve these goals.  

Payment Plans

Choose the plan to suit your budget

All In


One time payment

Step by step


6 ​Monthly Payments

Poco a poco


​12 Monthly Payments



    Ten 90-minute live training sessions with us. We also bring in additional expert trainers throughout the course in specific areas that we identify may be needed depending on what you and your business need.


    Ten 90-minute group mentoring sessions in small groups of 4-6. In these sessions we explore exactly what you need to do to implement what we cover in the live training. This is where you get tailored advice. 


    Finish the course, take a break, give yourself a 'well done', then you are back!  We don't let you escape that easily! Our membership will ensure that you keep moving forward and get our support for 3 months after the course. 


    Our amazing designer is on hand to design a PDF freebie that you can use to attract your ideal client, convince them that they need your product or service, and build your potential client base.


    Taking small but consistent actions every day is how you get things done. You have the option to join our twice-weekly co-working and productivity mornings where we will help you stay accountable and get stuff done.  


    Once you have finished the course we will organize a one-2-one session to talk strategy and to review your business plan. It might be the end of the course but it will be the start of an intentional, resilient and profitable phase in your business. 

When I joined IWBB Vault, I was just launching my business and I felt a bit lonely as I worked hours on end to get things moving forward. Twice weekly coworking kept me afloat, motivated, and excited and I know it’s one of the main reasons I was able to get such a strong start!

Then I saw that a Business Map Course was just starting and couldn’t believe my luck. It was right there at the exact moment I needed it! IWBB Business Map made it possible for me to organize my business as a business and not as a hobby (thanks Natasha for Friday Finances!) and provided the tools for me to do so without overwhelm. 

The templates are amazing, the worksheets really bring home each week’s message, and the mentoring sessions helped me muddle through a lot of doubt and confusion! Taking the Business Map course was fantastic and everything I hoped it would be. I met an incredible group of women who cheered each other on and had amazing concepts and businesses. I felt powerful being a part of this group of women building businesses abroad and it truly got me through those early months.

 If you’re just getting started or even if you have a business but are needing more direction, take the Business Map course! I got so much personal and professional growth out of the community and tools it provided! 

Madison Kannapel -  Madoula - https://www.doulainmadrid.com/  

Training Dates & Topics

  • 19 OCTOBER 2021

    Business Goals and Viability

    02 NOVEMBER 2021

    Ideal Clients and Messaging

    16 NOVEMBER 2021

    Marketing and Building your Community

    30 NOVEMBER 2021

    Content is King

    14 DECEMBER 2021

    Funnel to Success

    11 JANAURY 2022


    25JANAURY 2022


    8 FEBRUARY 2022

    Process, Systems, Tracking and Finance

    22 FEBRUARY 2022

    Business Plan & Strategy 1

    8 MARCH 2022

    Business Plan & Strategy 2

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • Q: How much time will this course take each week?

    A: Not an easy answer as it depends on how quickly you want to grow your business but about 3-4 hours a week (which includes the training) will keep you on track. The more time you have the quicker you will get everything done but starting a business is a journey not a trip. 

  • Q: Who is this course aimed at?

    A: Everyone who joins the course either has a strong business idea or has already started their business. It is not suitable if you don't yet know what you want to do.  If you are still figuring it out, contact us as we have some great free resources to get you started. 

  • Q: I am not very tech-savvy, will that be a problem?

    A: The tech needed to start a business is the same as any other skill, it only looks complicated when you don't know how to use it. The most technical element is your sales funnel so we have a special training especially to take you through it as a group. There is plenty of support for technophobes! 

  • Q: What happens if I don't finish everything during the course?

    A: You probably won't! But don't worry because you will have all the training videos to go back to when you are ready. Each week we check in to keep you on track and to prioritise the tasks you have to do. The Facebook group stays  after the course so you will always have access to the course materials.   

  • Q: What happens if someone has a similar business to me?

    A: Unless you are a crazy mad scientist, the chances are your business has been done before but is unique because of the experience you will bring to it which no one else has. We will make sure you are in separate Zoom groups but instead of seeing competition, you will see opportunities to learn and collaborate. 

The IWBB:  Biz Map Course is one of the most rewarding, constructive and cosiest courses I've completed. The engagement and assistance that I got from Clodagh and Natasha, as well as the other course members, made me feel safe and supported and gave me the confidence to get clear on what I wanted for and from my business. 


There's a real sense of community on the Biz Map, which is helped by the incredibly professional ability of the course leaders to give space to all the members - Space to feel vulnerable, space to feel frustrated, space to hear truths that you might not want to hear but which are necessary for success, and importantly, space to finally pull up your Big Girl Pants and move your business forward.

This course is fun. But make no mistake, Clodagh and Natasha want you to develop a bona fide business. The knowledge that they impart comes from their own skills and learning as long-time entrepreneurial businesswomen, and the modules are set out so that you have time to digest and implement the nuggets of gold that they give you. 

Bottom line, if you're new to or starting your business, if you want accountability and to be part of a warm, fun community,  and if you're willing to show up and do the work - then this is the course for you. 

Siobhan Colgan - https://enyasattic.com/ 



We know it looks a bit cheesy but the fact is, we want you to be happy with this course and if you aren't after the first 4 weeks, then we will refund your money, no questions, no hassles - just done. 

I joined the business map course to gain clarity in my business and feel less disorganised. In the past year there have been a lot of changes that have affected how I can work, which I've found difficult to navigate. Natasha and Clodagh have helped me find a strategy and stick with it. I was able to put my skills into effort streams I didn't think I was able to create!

The training sessions gave us enough, tangible exercises to take small steps in our business, while the group support made me feel less alone and 'seen' every step of the way. Even though everyone in the course was at a different stage of growing their business, I was part of a small group of women that I felt a connection with, because we dealt with similar issues that we could find solutions to, together.

The course has helped me to follow a clear path in my business instead of trying a bit of everything. I'm still working on my confidence, but I have already gained a lot of it in the past 6 months, which has made it much easier to be visible and attract my ideal clients (and say no to the things I don't want to do!). I've learned to be more comfortable in showing myself, which meant I was able to create my first online course.

The best thing is that all the knowledge I gained and all the tasks I worked on, I can keep using afterwards. The course doesn't end at the last session; it gave me a new routine and actionable steps that I desperately needed.


Claire van kuijck​  https://clairemakesthings.es/

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